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How to choose the antenna installation site?
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Due to the influence of terrain and environmental ground, the electromagnetic wave received by the antenna is the superposition of effective direct wave, reflected diffraction wave and scattered wave. The result determines the amplitude and phase of the field strength at the receiving point and directly affects the application effect of the antenna. Therefore, the following aspects should be paid attention to when selecting the antenna installation position.

(1) The transmitting or receiving direction of the antenna should avoid obstacles (buildings, iron towers, bridges);

(2) The location of antenna installation should be as far away as possible from interference sources (high-voltage lines, air routes, iron towers, highways, etc.);

(3) The antenna should be erected as near as possible;

(4) If there are several antennas working on the same tower, pay special attention to the left and right and up and down distances between them to prevent mutual coupling from affecting system performance.

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