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How to choose a communication antenna?
Source:XJS | Author:XJS | Publish time: 2020-04-02 | 12 Views | Share:
As an important part of the communication system, the quality of the antenna directly affects the pointer of the communication system. The user must first pay attention to its performance when selecting the antenna.

Specifically, there are two aspects. The first is to select the antenna type. The second is to select the electrical performance of the antenna. The significance of selecting the antenna type is; whether the pattern of the selected antenna meets the requirements of radio wave coverage in system design; Yes; choose whether the electrical pointers such as the frequency bandwidth, gain, and rated power of the antenna meet the system design requirements. Therefore, users are advised to contact the manufacturer when choosing antennas. At present, users have a wider choice of antenna products. There are imported antennas and domestic antennas. The telegraph performance of imported antennas and domestic antennas is close in the VHF and UHF bands. The level of imported antenna technology is higher than domestic antenna. However, it is expensive, has a long delivery time, and is inconvenient to repair. Therefore, users can choose imported antennas or domestic antennas according to their own circumstances.