XJS Technology held activity before the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival
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On September 27, when the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival were approaching, volunteers from Zhaoqing Xiangjiasheng Technology Co., Ltd. came to Nanwei Management Area, Jinli Town, Gaoyao District, Zhaoqing City, and actively carried out Mid-Autumn Festival activities.They visited the elderly and destitute families and sent them gifts and holiday greetings.

Group photo of volunteers before the activity

Prepare  before the activity

When the volunteers came to the Nanwei management area, they started to send money, moon cakes, rice, noodles and other gifts to the elderly and destitute families in the village.

Volunteers sent holiday gifts to the elderly and destitute families

Volunteers came to the elderly home for a visit

During the activity, the CEO of XJS Technology Company talked with every elderly face to face in the village, and carefully asked their current health status, financial resources and living expenses, and listened to them talked about the current difficulties and questions. At the same time, the CEO of XJS Technology sent money, moon cakes and rice to them, encouraging them to take care of themselves, and live a better life.

The old people were very happy, and sincerely expressed gratitude to the volunteers from XJS Technology Company.They all said that this activity made them feel the care and love from the enthusiastic enterprises,and thanked the volunteers for their hard work and sincere blessings.

The CEO of XJS Technology visited  the destitute families.

 The CEO of XJS Technology visited the elderly.

 The CEO of XJS Technology visited the elderly.

Afterwards, the volunteers came to the management area of Nanwei Village to participate in a forum.The chief of Nanwei Village Management District expressed their great appreciation for XJS Technology Company’s visit to the elderly and destitute families,and highly affirmed that the CEO of the company never forget to take time out of the heavy work of developing and producing 5G antennas to care for the elderly and destitute families.

Volunteers came to the Nanwei Village Committee to participate in a forum.

The chief of the Nanwei Village Management District appreciated that the CEO of XJS Technology often organizes similar public welfare activities during the Mid-Autumn Festival, Spring Festival and other festivals. He has been insisting on it for more than 20 years, which is really commendable.During the visit, volunteers sent XJS Technology’s deep care and caring greetings to the hearts of the elderly and destitute families,get closer to the elderly in the village .It is not only a full manifestation of society's enthusiastic enterprises' thinking about the elderly in the village, but also an important measure to respond to the country's poverty alleviation work.

The CEO of XJS Technology said that respecting the elderly is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, and it is also a social responsibility of the company. Thank the volunteers for their enthusiastic help.Remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind,the activities of respecting the elderly will continue to be carried out ,and get better and better.       

At the same time, it also hopes that more people and companies will participate in similar activities,and contribute more to promoting social harmony and economic development.

XJS Technology has been manufacturing communication antennas for more than 30 years. At present, the company is focusing on the R&D and production of 5G antennas and has achieved rapid development.Today, XJS Technology Company is growing rapidly.What they adhere to is not only a belief and perseverance, but also a responsibility and mission.XJS Technology is an enterprise that pursues product quality and makes selfless contributions to the society. It deserves our respect.We hope the XJS Technology's future will be better and better, and make more contributions to society!

Group photo of volunteers after the activity