At present, Xiangjiasheng Technology has cooperated with well-known brands at home and abroad to provide OEM OEM processing and R&D services.

It is listed as a communication equipment manufacturer and designated supplier; with excellent quality, it has entered the mainstream channels in Europe and America.

Excellent brand in China's communication antenna field

Founded in 1988, Xiangjiasheng Technology Co., Ltd. is a large-scale manufacturing enterprise specializing in R&D and manufacturing of various communication antennas, antenna accessories, microwave devices and communication base stations.

Won the consistent trust of users around the world

We have an independent product development center

Xiangjiasheng owns an independent product research and development center, and its products have passed ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification and a series of authoritative quality certifications, which provide reliable guarantee for products.
       We are specialized in exporting various WIFI Antennas, Wireless Communication Antennas, WIMAX Antennas, Decorative Antennas, 800-5850MHz Antennas, Antenna Accessories and others.
       We have won a good reputation among customers with good quality, competitive prices and advanced techniques since our establishment.
       OEM/ODM orders are welcome. We are looking forward to establishing relationships with you in the near future.
  • 29 2020-09

    XJS Technology held activity before the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival

    On September 27, when the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival were approaching, volunteers from Zhaoqing Xiangjiasheng Technology Co., Ltd. came to Nanwei Management Area, Jinli Town, Gaoyao District, Zhaoqing City, and actively carried out Mid-Autumn Festival activities.They visited the elderly and destitute families,send them gifts and holiday greetings.

  • 17 2020-06

    5G——Future network technology for all applications

    With the global promotion and deployment of 5G, compared with other established technologies (such as Wi-Fi), the trend of IoT devices using cellular networks is increasing.

  • 08 2020-06

    Future antenna development trends and key technology analysis

    While promoting the miniaturization of the antenna, the broadband of the working frequency band of the antenna is realized, which is beneficial to reducing the number of antennas and future system upgrades, and fully reflects the advantages of the miniaturized antenna.